a neighborhood coffeehouse & local arts venue  

a winning cup of coffee...

Since opening doors in Albuquerque's univerity district back in the last millenium, Winning Coffee has remained devoted to the art of the brew - putting one of the finest cups of java to be found on the planet into the discerning hands of countless friends, neighbors and rabid coffee aficionados from just about everywhere.

Winning Coffee roasts its own carefully chosen beans, specializing in single-source organic and small-estate coffees from around the world. Whether you like drip-brewed, espresso drawn, or brew-it-yourself - you'll always find an extraordinary house brew, expertly crafted specialty drinks, and freshly roasted bulk coffees by the pound.

and more:

Winning's offers a full menu of gratifying breakfast and cafe fare served all day, with kitchen-crafted soups, daily specials and fresh pastries to nourish agitators and reward the visionary and benevolent.

We got your news & info and your local art & events, while the amazing denizens of our animated community create the living manifestation of a true neighborhood coffeehouse.


summer hours:
monday thru friday 7am to 5pm
saturday and sunday 8am to 5pm

fall hours (beginning august 20):
monday thru friday 7am to 8pm*
saturday and sunday 8 am to 5pm

*open until 10 for special events

free wifi for customers

coming soon:
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